Caption toggle button states

Apr 04, 2020


I've made a captions toggle custome button which enables or disables captions when clicking it along all slides, and it works perfectly. I was thinking if I could (easily) change its state (captions on/captions off) and keep the actual state between slides, in order to be more user friendly.

Does anyone know how to do it?

Thank you all in advance, 


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Walt Hamilton

The principle in play is that you need a variable to keep track from slide to slide.

SL 360 has a variable that will handle this for you. See Scroll down to Using Triggers ...

If you are using SL2, this will work. If you use the selected state, clicking it will toggle between the two states, with no further action on your part. If you then create a T/F variable, you can write the trigger to set the variable to =NOT Assignment (which switches between the two values) with no further action on your part. You may have to experiment to learn at which value to start the variable.

Then for each succeeding slide, create two triggers to set the button to Selected or Normal when the timeline starts, depending on the value of the variable.

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