Captions are displayed twice

Hello, in my project I have some audio with captions. Both the audio and the captions are on slide layers. I set the default captures to "on" by default (set Player.DisplayCaptions to value True when the timeline starts), but the captions are displayed twice. I tried setting the the value to True when timeline starts on the base layer, and to True when the timeline starts on the layer that has the audio. The result is the same. Captions are displayed twice... Is this a bug? A feature? Something I configured wrong? I attached a screen shot and an example... I appreciate any help... 

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William Ryan

OK here's something curious... I remember with this slide, I had to redo the voiceover for layer 3.1.1, which I did with an external program.  At this point the captions already existed in the layer. I then replaced the audio (right click -> replace audio). However, the captions weren't synchronized anymore with the audio, so I adjusted them. (Audio tools -> edit captions). I guess this is where the second copy is added. So then I deleted the captions in the project (audio tools -> delete captions), and in doing so deleted one copy of the captions.