captions in my screencast:?



I record a screencast...and when I insert it i finally have more captions than what I did on my recording...?

I mean ...I have several 'Press' caption appearing in my video..wouldit be captured when the system automatically switches from an application to another (which step I know but users does not see and does not need to know)....When I insert my video, if I use the try mode, then I don't even now what to do: what does the 'Press' mean? I tried to click, tried all on the keyboard.....Of course I delete each of these captions and steps (triggers) but I would like to understand where they actually come from....

any idea?

Thanks a lot


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Adrian Dean

Hi Julie,

If I could have a step by step process of what you do when you record a screencast that would help give me some insight into what you might be doing wrong, if you are in fact doing anything wrong.

These following links might help with making screencasts, etc.

This thread might help you too.


Andrew Elder

Julie, I encountered something similar when converting a screencast I'd captured in Excel to a software simulation. It looks like Articulate creates individual 'actions' based on specific things you do when creating the original screencast. For example, I clicked into a blank field in my Excel sheet to 'start' the work I was demonstrating and that translated into an extra slide and step when going to simulation. The auto-convert from screencast to simulation is incredible (creating hotspots, hints and feedback all on its own) but it will need a little tweaking to get it as smooth as you might want.

That said, the Closed Caption link Adrian references above is a an awesome way to address this from a different angle. Powerful stuff!