Captivate 6 plays in HTL5 but StoryLine Screen Cast does not

I created a simulation in Captivate 6 and inseted the HTML5 file as a web object in Story line with a couple of other anitmations. When published the video plays fine in FF and Safarie.

When I created the same simulation in story line and insrted it as a single slide screen cast the video would not play in HTML5 in any browser. Just got a blank screen. I would like to do a one stop shop. What is wrong.

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James Werling

Yes I have submitted a support case and am working through it right now. But I will be ooo at 1:00 EDT and won't be back till Tuesday. I would say that Captivate 6 and StoryLine would work well together so why not  have both! I would prefer the HTML 5 output with StoryLine screen cast would work too but I think this can be resolved.