Captivate 6 Simulation in Articulate Storyline


I have been embedding Captivate 4 in Articulate presenter, have also seen posts about how Captivate 6 can be embedded in Presenter as a web object. I have never really tried this, but was wondering if this is possible:

Is it possible to insert a Captivate 6 simulation into a course developed using Articulate Storyline? Just like how we could insert Captivate 4 swf files to Articulate Presenter?

If so, should we do it as web object? Or can we use the option to insert as flash movie? Is it possible to provide a link from the Captivate Simulation to the next slide in Storyline?

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Dennis Hall

Hi Neelima:

If you embed the Captivate 6 SWF file, you can create a transparent click are over top of it to perform the Jump to next slide function. If you want to force the user to see it all, make the transparent click area only show up near the very end of the SWF file in the timeline.

If you do this as a web object, nothing can be in front of it and it will not work.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall