Captivate Convert Going Crazy... why aren't my layers showing after a slide is visited?

I'm working on a few slides and seeing how my Captivate knowledge translates to Storyline 2. I've created a landing page with blank pieces of paper where I'd like a new photo of each speaker to appear after the learner has visited their particular informational slide.

I created the variables and have them set to change when the learner clicks the next button after having visited the informational slide.

But the photos don't appear. 

I've checked the trigger orders, etc.

Please help. :)

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Domenic James

Okay, I got most of this to work using your suggestions. Yeah!

But I'm still having issues where the post navigation images sometimes show, then sometimes don't. Is there some sort of setting that allows the triggers and events to continuously be active and accessible to the learner?