Captivate HTML5, Storyline 2 web objects, SCORM output?

Sorry for the lengthy title.

Currently battling with two issues.  The first is that when I output as HTML5 from Captivate v7.0.1, and add this as a web object in Storyline 2, I am unable to view the content when published as a SCORM 2004 package from Storyline 2.

If I publish to CD from Storyline, it works perfectly.  

If I publish to web from Storyline, then upload to an FTP, I get the same issue as per the SCORM output.

Essentially, the spinning/loading wheel appears for a split second, then I just get a blank area where the HTML5 content should be.

I'm using the latest version of Chrome on Windows 7, as I know IE has issues.  I am also aware from previous tests using other software, that HTML5 content has to be on the same domain, otherwise it's blocked as a security risk.  But surely if it's all packaged up in the same Storyline 2 output, this mitigates the issue?


The second problem I'm encountering is to do with a javascript command to trigger the next Storyline 2 slide, from the Captivate.

Using this guide (Steve's post) - again it works beautifully on the 'publish to CD' option, on both SWF and Flash content.  The SWF file also works as expected when published to a web server. However, publishing to SCORM (both 1.2 and 2004) kills the action and it doesn't do anything at the end of the slide when clicked.


I'd greatly appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer as at the minute, we're losing functionality in comparison to our old setup.



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