Captivate Quiz in Storyline

I'm trying to figure out how to allow a quiz created in Adobe Captivate to communicate with a Storyline project. I've achieved this in Lectora by executing javascript in Captivate to modify specific variables in Lectora. Basically, I want the quiz to modify a variable in Storyline to indicate whether or not a learner has passed a quiz. I tried the same setup mentioned for Lectora in Storyline, but the published filed didn't work. 

I have an incredible amount of time invested with the captivate quizzes, which are interactive programming simulations for equipment and so recreating these quizes in Storyline isn't an option for me.

Thanks in advance!

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Michael Hinze

From Captivate, you can pass any variable value (incl. quiz-related system variables) to JavaScript (see some info here). And here is some info on using JavaScript with Storyline. This should allow you to pass a value from Captivate to a Storyline custom variable via JavaScript. However, I don't think you'll be able to pass the Captivate variable value into one the quiz-related Storyline variables , e.g. 'Results.PassPercent'. As far as I know these 'system variables' are read-only.

Bradley Kutmas

Ok, now I understand why the javascript that worked in Lectora won't work in Storyline. Based on what I read, I believe I need the script - player.SetVar, for this to work. I tried - player.SetVarAXbrewPF(2);  in the script window for the quiz preferences in Captivate but it didn't work in Storyline. I have a variable in storyline called "AXbrewPF", which has a default value of 0. If the learner passes the quiz, I need the value set to 2. If I can get that to work, then the rest is cake. Any ideas?


Matthew Womack-Evans

Hi Bradley,

I am in a very similar position as you were and this particular post has been very helpful.

I do have a few questions though:

- Where did you find the "script window for the quiz preferences in Captivate", I need to set a variable in the same way?

- Once this is done, does the Captivate assessment simulation need to be embedded in the Storyline file or can it sit on an LMS?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Matthew Womack-Evans

Hi Ashley,

thanks, I will do so.

Unless you or anyone else is able to assist me?

We have inserted the syntax as described above but we can't seem to get it to update the variable in Storyline. Is there a particular way we should be embedding this in the Storyline file and/or are there tweaks we need to make from within Storyline to update the variable that we are perhaps missing?

We are using Captivate 7, and I have read that the scripting may have changed for this particular version so I am not sure if this may be an issue as well?

Any assistance would be appreciated!