Captivate SWF's in Storyline

May 17, 2012

I am trying to use existing captivate swf's in storyline.  They seem to import and play fine but the seekbar and volume on the player did not control the content so I removed those and used the play bar from captivate which worked fine BUT if I pause the swf the timeline continues and automatically moves on to the next slide (as I have configured).  Is there anyway to make this work without removing the automatic trigger?

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Magnus Nirell

Rois, when you inserted the SWF, what option in the menu did you use?

Insert Video or Insert SWF?

There are 2 options in the ribbon menu (Insert Video and Insert SWF)

If you Insert Video (this can be a SWF) it will be controled by the slide timeline, but if you Insert SWF it will play in it's own timeline.

Try these two different ways to insert a SWF and let me know if this still doesn't work for you.

Magnus Nirell

Sorry I can't think of an elegant way for this to work.

For slides with SWF, you will need to remove the automatic trigger to jump to next slide or make the slide time long enough to allow the SWF to play to the end.

I will take a look at the issue with the flashing display when you add as Video or add the Playbar when inserted as SWF. 

zola anderson

Hi Magnus,

Thanks for looking into this matter.

Any SWF we create via Captivate 5.0, 5.5 or the new one 6.0 doesn't work well in storyline. It shows the Captivate logo. This only happens when we choose to synchronize the video to the slide. If we don't check it then it works but we can't control the SWF from the SL seekbar, which is something we don't want to do as the seekbar is standard throughout the course.

Below is a link to download all the files.

Please let me know if there is a fix to this.

Thanks a lot


steve cc

I am also revisiting this subject looking for an update.  I have a client who is investing some time creating Captivate 5 content and I'd like to determine with confidence if the SWF content can be properly incorporated into Storyline. 

What happens if the Captivate content is outputted as MP4?  Does Storyline 'protect' that video, create the proper playback codec for it, etc.?  Dose incorporating as MP4 allow it to play back in HTML via iOS?

Any information people have would be appreciated.  

Thank you.

Chris Miocic

Greetings Everyone,

I have a Captivate 6.0 swf file, I am trying to import into Storyline.  My question is...can you bring in an interactive Captivate file (ie: user is required to complete actions to advance to next slide). I am able to bring in the swf file, however after a couple of clicks - the screen freezes and I am unable to advance. 

Not sure if this can be done...but thought I would pose to the group before spending too much time on it.  I know in Presenter I was able to bring it in as a Web Object and it worked, the user was able to advance through the screens.   Any guidance/feedback would be much appreciated.  Thank you!

Allen McInnish

Hello all,

I found this thread and had a question along the same lines. I'm creating a course using SL 2 and as part of the course I am embedding some SWF Captivate 7 files in a few of the slides in SL. These are items that the user must interact with and complete prior to proceeding in the SL overall course. Is there a way to pause or control the SL timeline based on the completion status of the embedded interactive Captivate file? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Love the Articulate community!!!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allen,

There is not a way to control the Storyline slide timeline based on the interactivity or lack there of from the user while viewing the SWF file. If you've inserted an SWF file it's not associated with the slide timeline and therefore the elements are separate. You could look at ensuring the duration of the Storyline slide timeline is as long as you'd expect the user to interact with the SWF file for - and then set the course to allow the user to proceed based on when the timeline ends. You could use the method here to hide or disable the next button until that point is reached. 

Tilagawathe Sankoo

Hi Allen,

I happen to come across your post and I have the same issue. How did you manage to embed the SWF Captivate 7 files into the SL? I'm using SL360. I'm unable to preview the Captivate SWF files inside the SL360 nor after publishing it into a LMS. Can you share your solution on this please? Much appreciate it!

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