Captivate vs Storyline 2 Video features

Oct 16, 2014

Hello everyone,

I have a few questions in regards to the video hosting features. My team and I are currently looking to purchase a software to help us get started with our new product which will focus on delivering e-learning content to mobile devices in remote areas.

We are currently faced with the problem of how to package our video content in our applications. Please correct me if I am wrong but from our understandings Captivate 8, works by streaming and progressively downloading video context while the app is in use. This is a problem for us because most of our clients will not have access to internet.

From my understanding Storyline 2 packages the video files with the application itself and thus a internet connection is not needed to view the contents of the application.

Can some one let me know if this is correct, or if I am missing some important details as to how these features work?

Also, we are looking to build for Android and Ios mobile devices and tablets, how will does StoryLine integrate products into these environments without an internet connections?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi DaQueshia and welcome to Heroes!

I can't speak to the Captivate side of things, but did want to share a bit about Storyline:

  • Articulate Storyline progressively streams videos (except SWF files) in published content.This means learners won't have to wait for each video to fully download before it begins to play. Here's how that works.
  • You havethe option to let learnersdownload content to the Articulate Mobile Player for offline viewingon iPads. Note that a Wi-Fi connection is required to initially download the content. If you attempt to download a course over a cellular connection, you'll encounter the following reminder:Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Depending on how you publish, you will likely need to host your content in a web server or LMS for users to view it. Only within the mobile player will there be an option for "offline" viewing - unless you publish for CD. All the publishing options are detailed here.

Hope that helps!

Michael Hinze

Not unlike Storyline, Captivate 8 provides an option to 'import' a local video (e.g. from your c: drive) or link to a hosted video (e.g. YouTube,Vimeo, etc.)that can then be streamed. If you work with 'local' videos in Captivate 8, there are also be made part of the published content (just like Storyline) and can be viewed without an active Internet connection. The newest Captivate version (8.01) now also includes a publishing options for creating iOS and Android apps.

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