Captivate way better for screen, simulations etc?

I am checking out the program and am running into what I think are big issues. Here's a snap shot - hoping there's an easy solution because I am liking storyline.

I am creating a try it on a slow internal web app - so there are long delays between clicks, actions etc. How do I edit out the unwanted stuff? in captivate it's so easy - since it just captures the new screen rather then a full motion recording. I've seen the Action Fine Tuning - if that's what I need it does not seem very robust but again maybe, hopefully I am missing something? So in summary, my try it's are not adequate because when clicking a tab for example, there are long delays because storyline captured as it worked not just a snap shot of the new screen.

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Eric Brennan-Hazell

Hi Al,

A couple of thoughts:

  1. Have you inserted your recordings as step by step slides or video on a single slide?
  2. Have you tried the Edit Video option? If so go to the slide in question and right click on video part in the timeline you get an option in the menu to edit video, from here you cna crop portions out. At the moment you can only cut begining or ends but with a little bit of saving and cutting you can achieve the result you are trying for.

If it's the step by step I think fine tuning may be your only option