Capture Quiz Results to a Excel spreadsheet

Jul 19, 2012

Dear Community I have a storyline project that I would like to capture the results and text variables from a Results slide into an excel spread sheet that will be on the C Drive of a laptop. The reason for this is that the users who will be using the module do not have access to a PC in the workplace. The plan is put the module onto a laptop , drop the laptop, at the site in the morning and pick up in the afternoon and then download the spread sheet after they have taken the module. Do you think this is possible? Thanks in advance for any help or suggustions.


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Gerry Wasiluk


Here's another option, one that's pretty easy, assuming the laptop will have connection to the Internet:  Put your quiz into a Google doc form or survey and then embed it in your Storyline course as a web object.

The results will be collected in Google docs online and you can export that out as a spreadsheet.

See Tom's Screenr in this thread:

John Backewich

This is the reply I received from Articulate support this morning.


There is currently no built in function in Storyline for this, but you may check out this post in our community forums for some options that might work for you:


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