Capturing Answer Submissions on a Spreadsheet

I'm planning to build a job aid tool in Storyline that functions as a calculator of sorts.

During each step of the calculation, users will enter data (free form or by selecting a multiple choice/radio button). I want to capture or export the data that was entered to a spreadsheet so I have a full record of all data that was entered by all users.

Has anyone done anything like this before?  Is it native to Storyline, or can it be done with scripting?



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Brian Allen

Yes/No... If you're using a LMS, it is native storyline functionality to capture and send this type of data to your LMS, where you can then report on it. Here's one way to do it...

No, it is not native functionality to capture and export this kind of data to a spreadsheet without a LMS.

It used to be possible to capture and write this kind of variable data to a google spreadsheet, but I'm not sure that it still works, and that method is not private so it may not work for you.