Capturing quiz question results by question

Jun 27, 2018

Hi! I have a bank of multiple response and freeform matching questions in my course.  They cover different topics and I'd like to be able to capture and display a student's score by these topics.  For example, question bank 1 might contain questions on topics A and B, question bank 2 on B and C, etc.  I'd like to create a "topic A (etc) score" variable that I could track separately and display to the learner (via a separate tracking slide).  Ideally I'd do this by capturing the score for an individual question (say question 1 in question bank 1) and assigning it to the custom variable tracking topic A.  Essentially the logic is "IF question 1 correct THEN adjust variable topic A +10 points".

However, it's not clear whether it's possible to capture individual question scores.  It looks like adding a results slide only creates an aggregate score that can't be decomposed.  I realize you could work around this with object triggers on each slide, but because my questions are multiple response and freeform match, that would be a lot of triggers on each slide in order to accomplish this.  Am I missing anything?  Is something like this possible?  Would you have to create an individual (hidden) results slide for each question and capture each slide's score that way?


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Conan MacDougall

Hmmm...looks like I could maybe enable scoring by question and add a trigger to adjust the "topic A score" variable when the timeline starts on the correct layer.  I don't actually want the learner to get feedback by question (I want it to happen at the end of a question draw with a results slide) but I can just create an advance to next slide trigger simultaneously on the correct layer. That simulates the effect of no question feedback while using the correct layer as the trigger to adjust the variable.  Still might be problems I haven't thought of.

I'm still interested in the original question, though, as to whether the per-question scores are somehow accessible!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Conan,

If you're looking to capture the values from the built-in scoring or the results slide,  those won't be accessible using the Storyline triggers, but it sounds like using a similar setup to the Personality Test type of course may work for your needs.

Check out this example to get started, and feel free to add a comment on that article if you have additional questions too!

Conan MacDougall

Yeah, thanks.  Essentially that solution is "Change [score variable X] to [add points] if [choice A selected] when [Submit interaction]" and then gets around the variability in choice A creating dummy variables instead of actual question text, as well as preventing shuffling the answers .  Doesn't really work for me given the circumstances I'm working on with lots of questions and possible choices (more than A-E).

The "transient correct layer" hack I described above works OK as long as you aren't doing a later answer review - if you do that then it essentially skips through the slides when you revisit them (I guess because the "Correct" layer gets called when revisiting the layers in Review?).  So I may have to give up on it for now.  I still think it would be useful to be able to access the per-question variables which must be generated behind the scenes, but I can understand that it could lead to a dizzying array of variables being presented to the user.  Maybe some "advanced" toggle or something?

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing a bit more of what you'd like to accomplish. Perhaps that will be just the information the community needs to chime in to help you out with your design :) We have some pretty savvy users for sure.

Feel free to share a small sample .story file as well.

Just a quick thought, if you have a trigger to close the layer on your feedback layer before moving off of the slide, that should not be present when reviewing. 

Daniel Megson

Hey! Did you get anywhere with this? I have a similar requirement I believe.

I have a slide that links out to three separate questions. Due to the tracking requirement, I need these question slides to be actual question slides.  When the user completes a question, I need to set something on the first slide that is based on the score (0points = state a, 5points = state b, 10points = state c).

What's the easiest way to accomplish this?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniel,

I don't see any other updates from Conan - but we're still here to help!

Are you able to share a copy of your .story file with us? That's typically the easiest way for folks in the community to advise on triggers and variables by taking a look at what you've got set up and what you need to have going forward. Even a mock-up or sample file would do the trick! You can click here to add it as an attachment. 

Daniel Megson

Hi Ashley... thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I managed to get a bit of a workaround (not overly neat, but it works).

What I did was to set a variable in the feedback layer for the question, and to give each answer for the question individual layers. It's a bit more time consuming than capturing the score as a variable, but it does the job.

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