Capturing text responses to questions in an LMS

Hi All,

I've been reading through some threads about having text questions in Articulate modules. It would seem the process is very dependent on the functions of the LMS but I think I went so far down the rabbit hole, I'm now more confused than ever. Does anyone have an 'idiots guide' to this process...

Text answers >> Results Slide >> SCORM vs TINCAN etc...

Thanks Steven

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Steven.  Understanding how courses communicate with a learning management system was challenging for me.  Once I had more exposure to working in an LMS and seeing the reporting, I was better able to wrap my head around it!  You'll get there.

To report quiz data to your LMS, you'll need quiz slides and a results slide to track them.  Any output will report your students' answers, including text-based survey questions. 

If you would like to better identify the questions, use SCORM 2004 or Tin Can.  Those formats will include question text in the reporting, whereas other formats will identify the questions like this:  Scene1_Slide1_ShortAnswer_0_0

This article is perfect for understanding reporting completion and success to the LMS, and this article details exactly what information Storyline sends to the LMS.

Start there, and let me know how else I can help!