Capturing video interview from remote SME's

I have various SME's that I would like to capture short video interviews with but they are located in different locations around the country.  These would be inserts into Storyline modules and only be about 1-2 min long.

We have to consider some limitations with our company's security regarding various media applications as well as sending videos, etc. due to size.  While we do have MS Lync,  I have found that while the video is acceptable, the audio is not very good.   Granted, the simplest approach would be to have someone just shoot them via an iPhone, etc. and send the video somewhere where it could then be downloaded.

Anyway, just curious what practical applications or suggestions others may have for this type of situation

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Cindy von Hagel

I have not tried a video, but I did an entire program of recorded audio from team members.  I used a good microphone and recorded them right off the speaker on the phone and the sound was great.  I was even able to edit and increase the volume when needed.  Very successful series.  Plan on trying to do an audio next using, so if anyone has suggestions for this, I would be interested also.