carriage return without submitting interactions

Apr 08, 2013


I have an slide with an interaction and a separate text entry box, I want the users to type in the text entry box and be able to use the Enter key to jump to the next line. Currently every time I hit the enter key the current interaction is submitted not allowing the users to jump to the next line.

Any suggestions?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Francisco,

I remembered seeing something like this recently, so I did a little digging around. From what I understand, the "Enter" key function for slides may automatically use the "Submit" buttons on slides. I've also tried this out with a custom "Submit" button and the "Enter" key still calls the function. This is something we're looking at changing and something I'd like to see updated as well.

One option would be to try using a different key, if possible. You could try using the "Tab" key to move between the text entry fields, this also a pretty common method to move between rows, so most users wouldn't have a problem using that key. 

Let me know how it goes!


Francisco Carreon

Thanks Christine,

the natural method for a user is using the enter key as a carriage return and/or to submitting an interaction. It would be reasonable that input text boxes use the carriage return feature and dont submit the interactions unless the focus is outside the input text box or clicking directly in a 'submit' button.

Thanks for the reply.

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