Hi Heroes  

I am creating a course and I want then to get a certificate at the end. 

I cant find a direct solution with Storyline - there is no certif slide that can be customized and then printed by the student. 

I was thinking about 1 - adding another results slide, but I have a couple of quizzes and it could be tricky to match all the variables

2 - add a slide with a pass/fail layers that show under certain conditions as well - not sure how they can print that, though. 

Any suggestions or best practice?




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gerry,

If you set up a trigger you'll see the conditions as an option within the trigger set up - just below the selection of the "object" is the wording "show conditions." If you'd like it to only offer the option to print when they've visited all slides and passed the quiz, you could include that button to print on the "pass layer" of the results slide - and then set that slide to show when the user has achieved a passing score. Additionally if there are a set number of slides you'd like them to see you may also want to track a variable for when they've visited the slide (possibly adjust it by adding 1 when the timeline starts?) and then use that to change the state of your button or as a condition for showing the passing slide.