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Aug 12, 2015

Hi all - I'm at my wits end. I'm living the description of insanity - repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results. I am trying to generate a certificate (outside of the LMS) and an email but I'm not successful. I created a sample project in order to test. And re-test. And test again. I've googled all of the examples in the forum. I've tried using a certificate.html in my output file as well as building the entire certificate using javascript. I'm testing this on a web server. Here's my testing story file - can anyone show me the light? TIA!

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I am not a javascript expert so I am not able to troubleshoot this for you but having just stumbled through something similar myself I did learn that if there was even a tiny error in my javascript anywhere, none of it would run.  Have you tried breaking it down to small steps and testing to see what sections do work?


kate severson

I'm going to throw in the white flag with my attempts to generate an email with JavaScript. What worked before stopped working. Whether it's my agency's internet settings or something else, I just need to finish this project and move on.

So. What are strategies that folks are using for providing notification at the end of a course that is not in an LMS? Are there any good work flows for instructing students to send an email, or somehow be able to demonstrate that the training was completed and the test was passed?


kate severson

Thanks Mike - your code works! But, the thing is.... I'm trying to untangle my project from the JavaScript, since it's becoming more problematic with browsers. I'm actually finishing a module that I may not have the opportunity to maintain, so I'm looking for a clean way of creating notifications and a certificate without relying on JavaScript...

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