Certificate being sent out when passing score is reached

May 08, 2018

I have a 15 questions assessment in my course.  We have our LMS set up to send the learner a certificate when the course has been completed if the learner passed the assessment.  Instead of sending the certificate when the course is completed, the certificate is sent as soon as the learner reaches the passing score.  So on a 15 question assessment, the certificate is sent when the learner gets the first 13 questions correct. 

Does anyone have any suggestions what to do?  We have tested the course in the Score Cloud without any issues?

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Steve Bekkala

Hi Christine,

Based on your description, you would need two variables here to determine if a certificate should be sent:

  1. Number of Questions Answered Correctly >= 13
  2. Course Completed = True

However, it sounds like the second variable is either not present or is being ignored (i.e., is not required), which is then allowing the certificate to be sent prior to the course being completed.

Are both variables present in your course and are both required?

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