Sep 28, 2015

Does any of the e-Learning heroes have a HTML5 certificate solution that does not require the customisation of the [Report.html] File

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Bruce Holliday

Yes, I have attached a certificate demo zip with instructions:

The zip contains everything you need to create a certificate with a name on and date. You just need to change the images for your own.

1. Examine the files in the story output folder, you see files refering to 'certificate'.

2. Click on the printcertificate.html file. Hey a certificate, presented to Unknown???

3. Click on the The Launch_Story.exe. The story was published for CD to show the javascript working on a local PC and not a server, as normally expected. This is because if you test html5 locally javascript won't run.

4. In the presentation, type your name and click Continue. Your name should appear. Click on the button to view the certificaste, hey your name appears now.

5. Go back to folders in the zip and see that you have the certificate_demo.story file. You can publish for the web yourself but remember to copy all of the files in the 'certificate files needed' folder as SL deletes what existed before. 


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gerry,

Before we had Storyline Blocks, we had embedded Storyline files :)

You can host your Storyline 360 course on the web and use this basic iFrame code in the URL/Embed lesson or Embed Block type:

<iframe src="Insert Your URL to the story.html Here"></iframe>

The information that Bruce shared above is used for modifying the zipped published output, which is not something supported by Articulate. 

Gerry Mayer

Thanks Leslie, I actually just came across that! Only been using rise for a few weeks but have used moodle and totara for a few years.  The responsive output of Rise is a great usable solution, but now I need to work with all the limitations.

The iframe will allow me to do pretty much anything I want.

take care...

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