Certificates in SL3

I have found several discussions on how to create and print course completion certificates but they get very complex with JS coding.  I am very concerned about why this feature is not included in SL3 or 360.

In any case, I have created a certificate that pulls in the required scoring information and user's name.  My client's printer defaults to portrait.  My problem is that when they run it locally in IE, it prints in the portrait mode and runs off the page.  I have created a "slimline" version of the certificate that may work.  Is there something else (simple) I can do to resolve this issue without forcing the client to download other programs (pdfmake, PHP, etc.)?

Due to the lack of printer controls in Storyline, I am also leaning towards developing a "Course Graphics" PDF file that will contain graphic files that will be helpful to the user during the course.  This file can be printed prior to starting the course.  Any thoughts/alternatives on this idea are appreciated.

Thanks, Vic

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