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Jun 08, 2020

Hello All.

We are having challenges with getting course completion over on our LMS. I've made some adjustments to the course and we're having some questions:

  • If I take away an item in the menu pane, will the course not count that as part of completion? 
  • I have some lightbox slides that are videos. When the learner takes them, the menu pane doesn't gray out and tags them as completed, even if the videos have been already taken. The menu pane is restricted and the slides are under headings.
  • I have an exit button at the end of my course. Before publishing, in the tracking and completion tab, I click on "Track using the number of slides viewed." Should it be "Track completing course trigger"?

Just wanting to see if there are gaps from the course creation which leads to the LMS not able to track full completion. 

Appreciate the assistance. 

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Learning Architect, 

Happy to help here! After reviewing each point, nothing out of the ordinary jumps out at me. I am happy to address those questions below: 

  • If the Title of that slide is removed from the menu pane, it will just be hidden from the Menu. It will be counted towards slides viewed for course completion. 
  • After the video finishes, are learners not able to progress to the next slide? 
  • This setup using the number of slides view should be fine. A Storyline 360 course can be tracked by only one of these three options:
    1. The Number of Slides Viewed
    2. Quiz Results Slide
    3. Completion Trigger

With that said, since your LMS isn’t reporting the statuses you expect, it might be worth testing your course in SCORM Cloud for comparison. We use SCORM Cloud as our baseline for testing LMS output. I also want to share this resource on reporting completion statuses to an LMS that I think might help: 

Please keep us posted on this, and let us know if you have any questions! 

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