Change a button's state based on a different slide

Is it possible to have a button change its state (say hidden to initial) if a certain number of slides or particular slides are viewed?

For instance, the module I am building has a certificate at the end. I want viewers to view certain slides in order for this certificate slide to appear. The last slide in the story (Conclusion) has a button that takes the viewer to the certificate, but I want them to view the slides before seeing that button. I know I can do something like this with objects on the same slide with conditions but didn't know if there is a way to do it across the story.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Stephen 

you could probably use a variables to achieve this.  You could use a T/F variable for each slide that they must visit and then add a trigger with condition to show the button when all variables = true or alternatively use a number variable which gets adjusted (+1) each time they click on a required slide...then only show the button e.g. when variable = 7.