Change a Title in a Menu to Completed

I have a hamburger menu that triggers to another slide, I would like to return to the menu and the menu item to change to completed once they have completed all the sections on the slide that they were triggered to. I have a trigger that says if completed jump to the menu, but i am not sure how to change the menu item to completed? It won't accept the variable trigger I am trying to set up - does  anyone have any ideas?

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David Jordan

If i am understanding how you have this set up then:

>On your item that you want to change, edit the states and add a state (give it a custom name, not one of the default ones) and change it so it says completed how you'd like it to.

>add a variable (you will need a separate variable for each slide/menu item combo):

name: Slide#Complete (put the slide number or w/e numbering system you'd like to use in the # place)

type: true/false

default: false

>add a trigger to that slide:

change state of (your menu item) to (your custom state) when timeline starts, condition: if Slide#Complete == true

>on the slide that corresponds to the completion of that menu item add a trigger:

adjust variable (Slide#Complete) to true when timeline starts (or whenever you want it to be completed)


with that set up, whenever they go to the menu it will change the state of the menu item to complete if the corresponding variable is true. That variable is set to true when you finish the section.