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Michael Belanger

I am here (8 years later) with the same problem as everyone else. I had the same feedback as JH and is very frustrating that this is still not resolved! Tracy has a nice workaround, however, does not take the place of our need to change the spinning wheel. What can be done to change the wheel o something else? Where is this in the slide/program? Did deep for an answer Articulate! WE NEED THIS!

Snorre Rubin

You can do it with javascript. Here is a code to change the circle to yellow, and a bit larger. Adjust by changing the color and the size:

var el = document.getElementsByClassName('hotspot-marker')[0];
el.style.color = "yellow";
el.style.background = "yellow";
el.style.borderLeftColor = "yellow";
el.style.borderRightColor = "yellow";
el.style.borderWidth = "12px";
el.style.marginLeft = "-12px";
el.style.marginTop = "-12px";

The script can simply run in a javascript trigger, to run when timeline starts. 

Note: this is tested in Storyline 360, and might need adjustments for other versions as the DOM-structure is slightly different in various versions of storyline.