Change Audio files from default mp3 to flv

Hi There,

I have audio files within my SCORM package that have a file extension = mp3. The problem I have is that some networks within my organisation do not permit mp3 files so the package does not play the audio file when launched within that 'network'.  FLV files are permissable so is there a way that I can change the mp3 format to flv either at default level when recorded or at each instance before it is packaged/published?

I appreciate that flv files have other restrictions re playback on certain devices but the need to target the audience is greater than the how to target them.

Thanks in advance

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Billy Lochrie

Thanks Walt.  How and where would I use this process?  I am loathe to download an additional application unless really needed and even then concerned that when I convert these mp3 files, I'm overlooking the need to convert others/root files as I am not gifted enough to know how to 'wrap' it all back up as a SCORM package outwith Articulate.  Is there not a setting or process I can follow within Articulate Storyline then?  

Billy Lochrie

latest:  So I've converted to a flv file (used a different online tool although not relevant) and imported back into project.  On timeline it clearly states .flv file yet when published, it is listed in the story content folder as an mp4 and getting the same result when uploaded to or LMS, i.e., no audio.  Why? *frustrated.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Billy,

When you include a video in Storyline it is encoded as an MP4 as a part of the published process as documented here.  If you need to include the FLV file, it may be something you could look at changing by modifying the published output, but that is not something we can offer support for so I'd defer to the community expertise. 

Billy Lochrie

Thanks Ashley.  I have undertaken work elsewhere converting mp4 to flv and it produces a file with .mp4.flv extension so I might try this when I have more time and see if it retains .flv format during publication.  In the meantime, is there any guidance on best practice when modifying published output because as stated in opening thread, I'm not wanting to overlook the amendment of root files, etc.