Change author and hide time when publishing to iPad

Hi all,

After publishing SL to my iPad it shows the combined library and first page program screen. However, beneath the screen I can see my name as author and the estimated duration. I have been searching to adjust this in SL as do want to change my name and hide the duration as it is not relevant.

Are these items perhaps linked to the iPad or my computer settings. I am unable to find these options in SL.

Anyone with the same topic and knows a solution ?

Thanks in advance!



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Julie B.


How come my slide appears like a Powerpoint slide and not as displayed...I mean when you have animated objects on a slide, you don't see the dote lines when displayed or how come these lines are on this screen? anything I should change to avoid this?

thanks for your help


Julie B.


I now have another question regarding the course screen appearing on the Ipad articulate player...

After a while now, I can: change and select the slide used to be on this first screen, I can adapt description, author,

I know, after a ticket!, that 'insert plain text' and 'insert shape' can give different result on this slide...

last question... In my example, I use the first slide of my quiz to be on screen..

is there a way to not have all the captions on screen? (or Do I need to create a first slide/Title/Welcome with the first text) to be sure I only see one message?...

please take a look at my screenshot to understand the I am not sure to be clear...

many thanks

 merci, julie

Peter Anderson

Hi Julie

I don't have my iPad handy to test it right now, but you may want to see if hiding the other layers on your slide will affect the way your Mobile App preview displays it. That may affect the functionality of your course also, though, so the safe bet would be to create a new slide to display, and then just prevent it from appearing in your actual course.