Change behaviour of default Hover State


Couldn't find any previous topic that covered this.


I have objects that display a layer when <mouse hovers> 

I would like the Hover state of the object to remain (not restore) on mouse leave to indicate it had been hovered over, similar to how the default Visited state works when clicked. 

Wondering if there's a quicker method than new states and triggers for the hover action.




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Drew K

Thank you for that.   Unfortunately I may have to further clarify what my intention is.

I do want the layers to disappear when cursor leaves the button.

It's the button state of "hovered" that I want to remain after the cursor leaves.   I want the user to see that they have already hovered over the button.   I suspect there's no way but creating more triggers as the default hover state may be a hard coded item?

I'm using hover to avoid the user having to click to show a layer and then some other action to hide the layer.