Change device orientation for a single slide

Nov 19, 2020

I have a project that is sized for phones/tablets in portrait mode (but can still be accessed on desktop), and forces those on tablets/phones the stay in portait mode.

I have some videos that I want to add, that would be better played in landscape. Is there a way to allow for landscape viewing on specific slides, responsively?

ie. If someone views it on desktop, it can stay in portrait mode and be resized if needed. If on a phone it starts in portrait mode but if the user turns the phone to landscape, the video will flip to landscape & play?

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Kathy!

Is there a way to set certain responsive playback restrictions on a slide-by-slide basis?

Right now, the choice made in the Responsive Playback property will apply to the entire Storyline course. Also, good follow-up question.

  • If Portrait Only is enabled: Learners will get a message to rotate their mobile device but won't experience landscape mode. Vice versa for Landscape Only.
  • If Landscape and Portrait is enabled: The content will start in portrait mode, but learners can switch to landscape as needed. They can navigate between both. 

For now, I'll watch out for similar requests and see where momentum is around such a feature!

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