Change fill-in-the-blank answers before submitting.

I'm creating a fill-in-the-blank vocabulary quiz. I want students to be able to go back and edit their answers before submitting. I've tried removing the Submit button and putting it alone on the last slide. In Preview, I still can't change the answer. Once I hit Enter on my keyboard, it's saved.

The test is set for no feedback, but then I can't change the number of attempts. Is this the problem?


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Walt Hamilton

Sorry, I wasn't clear in my answer. Since SL is hard-wired to submit when Enter key is pressed, you cannot give your students a chance to change their answers after they press Enter if  you are using the built-in fill-in-the-blank slide. However, if you put a text box on a pick one slide, pressing Enter does not submit.  Watch this video to learn how.