Change focus on Articulate Quiz

Hello all.

I am editing a quiz built on Articulate and my client needs to use the keyboard instead of mouse when navigating through module including the quiz. In the quiz is where I run into issues. The learner can use TAB to highlight a response and hit ENTER to select a response, but then, the learner needs to press the TAB key a few more times until the learner gets to the SUBMIT button. Is there a way to send the focus to the SUBMIT button when the learner selected a response (ENTER button) so they can press ENTER again to submit their response?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Todd,

There won't be a way for Storyline to know it's the "second" time they clicked enter - although you could change the submission trigger to have it submit when the user presses the enter key - with a condition that any of the responses are in the selected state. You may want to leave the normal submit trigger intact or remove the button all together - so that it doesn't confuse other users who aren't accessing it through the keyboard.