Change in layout, image quality and resources tab view across computers

Sep 10, 2015

Hi All,

Hope you can help me!

I've published a course that looks totally fine on my computer, but my 2 SME's are saying there are a few issues with it when they view it their screens.

Some images are so fuzzy you can't see what they are, one slide - the layout is changed so much that none of the images or text are in the centre of the boxes they are in - they're all skewed to one side, and weirder still - the resources tab at the top isn't dropping down - when you hover on it, an up and down arrow appears next to it, but nothing actually comes up.

I've set the player to 'resize to optimal size’ rather than ‘display at users browser size’.

Am tearing my hair out! It looks perfect on my screen.

HELP! Thanks in advance :)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lucy,

Are you all viewing the published output or the .story file? When viewing the published output I'd want to make sure that you're testing it in the intended environment as detailed here. 

If you're all viewing the .story file, you'll want to make sure you're all viewing it locally and then that you've set your DPI setting to 96 as detailed here. 

Lucy Hood

Thanks for your help - turns out it was user error - and for once NOT MINE!!!

Despite multiple instructions, turns out the SME's were opening the story.html5 file rather than the story.html file.

If I wasn't so relieved I would have cried (or yelled at them) with frustration. At least I had the excuse to enjoy some nice wine last night to try and relax and forget about it.

Thanks again!

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