Change in state affecting all objects

Dec 03, 2014

I am wanting to add a state of Dimmed to a text box so that once the timeline reaches a certain time the text is dimmed before the next block of text is displayed.  I have added the state no problem, but when I add the trigger to the selected text box Storyline 2 adds the trigger to all text boxes on the slide.

I changed the second text box to trigger dimmed at another time on the timeline and the new time was applied to the previous text box's state.  The text boxes are not grouped and I have checked that the correct text box is selected in the trigger window.

So now not sure why this is happening or is there something simple I have overlooked.

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Kay Fenton

Hi Emily

Yes I am working locally.  I just started using Storyline 2 yesterday and it happened, did not try to do this in version 1.  File is attached.

I want step 1 to dim out when step 2 appears, but each trigger is being applied to all text boxes.  Its probably something small that I am missing.

Thanks for your help

Kay Fenton

Emily - the penny has just dropped!!!!  I wasn't adding a new trigger at all to each object, I was thinking that when I selected each object I was seeing just the trigger for that object but of course I wasnt, it was showing the only trigger I had added to the first text box.

Have now added new triggers to all objects and it works fine - operator error!!!