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Adrian Dean

Hi Tineke,

Welcome to Heroes! Sorry to hear about your issue. Changing the language to Dutch in the Player only affects the Player itself. In order to translate the rest of the project, including your Quiz slides, take a look at this tutorial. Here is another good one to take a look at.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Martina Thomas

Hi Adrian,

I watched the tutorials you proposed to Tineke. It looks so easy.

I'm working on a course to be published for pc and android devices and we have already translated the lables as suggested in the second tutorial. But the HTML5-version still shows the instructions for the essay-quizz in english (type your text here) whereas the story-version of the same file shows the translated text.

Do you have any idea, what I could do to show the handling instructions in german on mobile devices?

Thanks in advance for your help,