Change lay-out of quiz questions in Storyline?

Hi all,

I've been working (again) with Storyline and loving it

I do have a question though. I have built a matching interaction through the graded quiz question templates. As you can see in the screenshots attached, it's not what it should be. My main problems are:

  • The text in the boxes on the right is too small and I can't make it bigger (although I have space). Can I change this? People aren't able to read the text properly now.
  • I would like to change the colours of the boxes, is this possible?

Looking forward to your feedback, thanks in advance!


P.S. Apologies for the language, it's Dutch

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stanton mackellar

Hi Marjolein

It doesn't appear you are able to change the size of these objects.

You can, however, change the colours of the shape outline and the typestyles. Click in the object to put it in "focus" and then change the colour and typestyle from the Home menu. Type size seems to be ignored if you attempt to make it larger.

Alternatively, with a little experimentation you can create a similar activity manually using drag and drop interactions. That may be a more suitable option if your don't have enough space for all your text.