Change of state of button and image in Topic slide

I have a Topic slide in Scene 1 which allows learners to choose a topic/scene to navigate to.  

I want the Topic button in Scene 1 to change state to 'Visited" and a picture to appear when the learner returns.

When I preview the slide it all works.  When I preview the project, nothing changes.

The simple solution is????  - its late Friday afternoon here in NZ and the wine is waiting!

Many thanks 

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Mark Jennings

Hi Michael

Thanks for your interest in helping out.

I have attached a basic story that shows what I am trying to do.  

In Scene 1 Topics, I have a number (6) of buttons that will take a learner to specific (6) topics.  When they return from a topic, the button related to the topic that they just visited should change state to 'Visited' and an image (a Hat) should appear (as a change of state) indicating that they have "earned" a Hat.  This works well when previewing the slide/scene 1, but not when I preview the whole project.

When they have earned all 6 "Hats" they will be able to select Next to go to the (final) Congratulations slide.  I have used a T/F variable for this when I was using hotspots and it worked.  What type of variable will work with buttons?

I have done something similar in the past but for the life of me I can't get this right.

So, I am applying triggers to objects in the Topic slide.  Is this possible?  I can't see why not.  

Is the answer to use variables?  If so, what kind of variable? True/False variable?