Change Player Button Label only on Specific Slides in sl360

In a Multi-lesson course with a Main Menu slides, I'd like to have the Next button - only on the last slides of each lesson - read "Main Menu" rather than Next.

This article discusses player label changing, and seems to be the logical place to find directions for what I'm trying to do, but no info found:

How can I do this in sl360?  I would prefer to change the label over removing the Next button on those slides and inserting an on-slide Main Menu button.



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Tracy Parish

The Next button is a universal button that displays throughout the course. You are unable to change its text on specific slides. That being said, if you haven't used the Submit Button anywhere, I have repurposed/relabled it to meet this kind of need.

If you have the submit button used in your courses in a quiz slide, then this won't work.

Easiest option is to hide or disable the next button and created your own button placed in (perhaps) the lower right corner. Trigger set to return to main menu.