Change Quiz Points in Bulk while using Storyline

Hello friends, 

I'm new to the community, but LOVING every minute I am working with any Articulate product, it's so user friendly ....  except for this exact minute. :-) I need some help. 

I've uploaded the excel file with 50 questions from our subject matter expert to Storyline 360. I've edited each question in Storyline, as there were misspellings, pictures to attach, grammar to fix, etc. 

I added the results page. Ok, it's ready! Ta Da! I uploaded it to Review 360 and he took it, and failed. Waaahhh, how can this be?! 

I did some digging. On his excel file, he misread/misunderstood 'points' and numbered every question 1- 50.  OMG< FML. In any other time, I would simply edit the excel file, make all points = 1, and re-upload, but since I did the edits directly in Storyline, I'm at a loss at what to do next.  The idea of going through EACH slide again and changing the points to 1 is driving me insane. 

Now that you have that story ... my question: 

Is there a "select all" option to change all slides to have the feedback when getting a correct answer equal 1 point? (I attached a screen shot of what I am talking about) Or do I have to go one by one and clean up each slide and change the number to 1? 


- Lauren


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Lauren McLean

As a side note, I took this opportunity to file this as a lesson learned: Edit in excel first, then upload to Storyline.  I went through each question in Storyline and edited it to reflect 1 point for each correct answer.  It was meditative. 

Maybe this idea of a bulk change in points could be added to the list for potential improvements? 

Katie Riggio

Welcome to the community, Lauren! 😀

First, a big round of applause to you for finding the culprit!

Currently, there isn't a way to bulk edit point values for quiz questions. You'll need to go to each individual question to adjust the points, or correct the original Excel spreadsheet and then re-import it into Storyline.

I know you've done a lot of reworking already, so I appreciate the need for a bulk change option and will surface this for my team for review!

Feel free to add any more thoughts to through our feature form: