Change scenes by using sliders

May 31, 2015


I'm hoping to change scenes depending on the slider moves.

1. I set up a slider in each scene like below.

 this is topic 1 slider. 

In the topic 2, the slider initial value is 2,

In the topic 3, the slider initial value is 3.

2. Trigger

I made a trigger to jump to topic 2(scene #3 )  in topic 1: 

To jump topic 3(scene #4) in topic 1, I have changed Scene and condition section.


I have done same thing in another scene

But the slider moves not accurately!

Do you know how to make this function ?

Or do you know any video to follow?

I have seen many video on youtube but those are not working for my case.

Please advise me.



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Diana Kim

i copied and used same slider (but somehow the slider name is different and I have change value name. i.e. Scene# 2 topic 1-  slider name is slider1, value name slider01,    Scene #3 topic 2 - slider name is slider1, value name slider 02 ....etc)

Thank you for your example I really appreciate it. But it seems not working >< . When I move the slider to topic 2 text area, it goes to topic 2 scene, but the slider tip remains in topic 1 text area! Also I move the tip to topic 3 text area but still tip remains in topic 1... Then stop working when I do reverse.....  ><

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