Change Sidebar size?

I have changed the resolution of the project I am working on and in doing so, the tabs in the sidebar are very narrow which I am using for the notes. I have increased the font size of the notes to make it easier to read; however, because the sidebar is so narrow, there is a lot of text wrapping. 

  • There are several zoom transitions within the project which requires higher resolution to make these transitions cleaner.  
  • I do need to use the notes section for the script of voiceover for a hearing impaired presentation, but I also want to be able to publish without the scripting for a standard presentation. 

I searched past discussion board threads and found this was not possible 2-5 years ago, but was unsure if Storyline 2 introduced a way to change the size of the sidebar. If not, is there a way to move the notes to show at the bottom of the player?

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Ali Goulet

Hi Brandon-

Thanks for taking the time to share your setup and experiences here. I can certainly understand in this instance why both of those features would be of value. Currently, there isn't a way to change the size of the sidebar for notes in Storyline 2, nor is there the option to move the notes to the bottom of the player. If you haven't yet already, I would highly recommend sharing your thoughts with our Product Development Team by way of this form

You may also be able to get some ideas and insights on working with your particular setup from our community if you reach out in our Building Better Courses forum and share your project file. It's a fantastic melting pot of great design ideas and tips as well as folks with a wealth of instructional design knowledge and expertise! :)