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Hi there Heroes!  I am working with the simulations features in Storyline.  Scenario: I have my project set at one size (1024 x 810), and when I recorded utilizing Storyline, I did change the dimensions to be smaller (1024 x768).  The reason for the difference in size of the project is that I am using a custom nav bar at the bottom of the screen, but I still want my videos/content to show in a 1024x768 area.

On to the issue - when I inserted the recording, it puts it in the middle of my slide and I cannot move or resize the "screencast" object (as it is labeled in the timeline).  Any idea on how I can get this moved up so I can keep my nav bar on the bottom of the simulation slides?  THANKS!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kristin,

Thanks very much for getting back to me! The issue here is going to be with the fact that it's a Test mode, or mode that uses multiple slides. The thing is, the video slides are inserted and they sort of "combine" with the slide background. So, even adjusting the story size will adjust this shot of the video. Unfortunately, this means that you won't be able to move the video image up for your custom bar. 

I did think of a couple things that may help, though. I'm not sure how you've designed the course, but you could make a small button or "minimized" version of the bar, and have it expand when the learner mouses over it or clicks on it. I know this probably isn't the best option, but maybe it will work for your course. Another option would be to use a different area of the screen for the menu, but you may run into the same issue. Maybe, if there's less content along the right side, for example, you could make the bar appear along the right side of the slide and video.

If this was a View video, it would be a little easier, since it's inserted into one slide and is actually seen as an object and not a part of the base slide.

I hope this information is helpful! If you're able to work this out, or if you find some additional information, please share


Kristin Shantz

Thanks for the quick response.  Got it now...I did not fully understand that before I began the project.  The reason I use the try/test modes on multiple slides is because it does make my life much easier with simulations!   I don't have to build all the layers, hotspots, etc. myself!   

Rudy Nausch

Hi there,

I was wondering, how would i change the slide size within storyline so that I could display higher resolution videos?

Also, other than being able to customize the players settings, is there any way of changing the player? For instance if I wanted a video to play as a slide, without any borders or at 16:9 settings, is it possible to achieve this?

Thanking you in advance


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rudy and welcome to Heroes!

You can change the slide size by adjusting the Story size, but it'll be for the entire project not just one slide.  If you're having difficulty with the published video's quality, you may also want to look at the publish quality settings that can be found within the Properties section of your Publish window. 

There is not a way to set the player to change based on what is on the slide, although you can edit individual slides to have a custom player set up such as removing the menu, next/previous buttons, etc. as described here in regards to the individual slide properties. 

Kristin Shantz

Hi Rudy!  I don't want to assume anything, so I'll start with this screenshot below.  In the Design tab, you'll find an option called Story Size.  Click on this first option and you'll receive a window with configuration options for your project.   Unfortunately, I don't think you can change individual slide sizes.  It's like PPT, one size fits all slides. I actually set a custom size for the project I referred to in this thread.

Also, check out these helpful tutorials:

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Erika,

Were you adding a player menu? That shouldn't have changed the storyline stage size - but it does add additional elements to the player. If you've changed the story size to build your own custom menu on the slide itself, then you'll need to conducting the screen recoring again as it'll not cover the entire slide as it was recorded at a different slide size. 

Erika P

Thanks Ashley. This is what I did in case it helps anyone else.

I recorded the updated screencast in a new Storyline project in the default story size. Then I changed the story size to match the original project (and chose "Fill Background" to Bottom Right). I copied the custom menu over to the new project. Once it looked like I wanted it to, I saved the project, went to the original project, and imported the screencast.

This is probably super confusing, but it did work!

Michelle Vales


Newbie here! I'm just getting started with Storyline Screen Recording and have captured some simulations using the Try Me mode. All of the simulations that I've captured were captured using the same size in the URL using the same custom screen for recording. When I publish to Review360 and attach to the Storyline block in Rise, the views are different, as you can see in the Story1 and Story2 attachments. In Rise, both of the settings are set to "Small." I have 7 simulations that all came from the same URL site on the same day using the same custom screen recording settings. These are just the first 2 that I've updated in Storyline and published to Review360. How do I get all of my simulation recordings to publish on the same size screen for Rise? Not having the same size screen in Rise just looks wonky. Hope this all makes sense. :-)


On another note...

Can I get the left (hamburger) menu to disappear in the published view for Rise so that a learner cannot click on it and move forward? You know someone is going to want to "play around" and figure out what the menu, as well as Resources, links hold. 

Thank you!