Change Slide Tracking setting in a published scorm package

Hi Articulate Gurus,

I have published a course which is already in production. The course has a slide tracking completion rule. Some of the slides are hidden, so it is smth like 35 of 40 slides.
The thing is that the rule is not neatly, it should be 1-2 slides less. So, a lot of users have issues of difficulties to complete the session.

The package was created at AS 2, now I use 360. I do not have a .story file and also need to keep it in that version of Articulate, because it looks and works so different now and the course is one of a huge program, and I'd like to keep the same interface.

I guess that the rule 35 of 40 slide should be somewhere in the scorm package. This the way how lms get the rule.
So I want to open the pubished scorm and edit it.

However, I am not a software developer and can't find the rule in the package.

Could anyone help me to solve this?

I will highly appreciate any help!

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