Change sound on slide

Is it possible to chose which out of two sound to be played on a slide if using varables?

I created a varable SOUND

Then a button saying If clicked SOUND =1


Play media Sound1 when SOUND changes. Condition: SOUND==1.

But this does not work. Can someone help me out here?

Of course I programmed the same setup for Sound2.

Thx in advance.


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Helen Tyson

Hi Gustaf

I managed this by creating a Number variable with an initial value of 3, and then adjust the variable to 1 or 2, depending on which button was clicked.

Add the triggers to play the sounds based on the change in the value of the variable.

File attached


Helen Tyson

Ah, that's it!

You can only use the Variable Change part of a trigger when it all happens on one slide.

In your example the variable doesn't change on slide 2 so you can't link the audio to it. If you edit the trigger so you Play Sound When Timeline Starts for the Slide  instead it should work fine.