Change state from Normal to Disabled

This should be simple, but... I have a slide on which are a number of text boxes with text. If the user clicks a text box, he is taken to a series of slides with interactions, then at the end of those interactions, is returned to the original slide with text boxes. I want the text box just clicked to change text color, and to be disabled. 

I have added the state "Disabled" with a different text color, and created a trigger to change the State of the text box from Normal to Disabled when the user clicks the text box. When previewing, the interaction works perfectly, but upon return, the text is the original color and the box is not disabled. What to do?

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Stefanie Lawless

This is one of those cases where Trigger Order can matter!

Do you have the trigger set to change to the Disabled State THEN Jumping to the slide? We'd want that to happen before they leave the slide! Give that a try, and if that's not the case, attach your story file so I can take a peek!