Change state of a shape depending on two possible Answers

I want to setup a slide in SL2 (update 5) where there are two possible answers for digit 2 :   2 or two.

I have taken a text entry field and two shapes for right & wrong symbol which will appear depending on the answer given.

I have created the following triggers:


The issue i'm facing is that,  if i try to put two correct answers (i.e. 2 or two)one after another, the two hidden symbols / shapes are not working properly.It's showing the wrong symbol even for a right answer.

I have included both the SL2 file as well as published link below.



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Michael Crouch

Maybe a "submit answer" button wold help with this?

User enters text, then clicks "Submit answer" which then displayed the relevant tick or cross image, dependant on the answer?

This way, as soon as the user clicks "Submit answer" the button can then change to a "try again" button. Which then could reset your variables, making it as if the user has just come to that screen making the variables work correctly to display the correct image.

I noticed that when i enter "TWO" it shows as correct, and then when i retype "2" it shows as incorrect.

But then if i enter something incorrect, like "3", which then shows incorrect, I then retype "2" and it shows as correct.

I think it's an issue with the show/hide triggers of your images. So having a "Try again" button could then hide them both again, making the next attempt correctly display.

Hope this was useful.

Deanna Brigman


I think I have fixed it. What I did was put the right and wrong graphics into one object with two states. Now the interaction just switches between the two states. I discovered the issue when I removed the triggers to hide the objects. Basically what was happening is that both feedback graphics were showing up at the same time, and since the trigger to hide the right answer was placed last, it was overriding the correct checkmark.

I have attached the story file so you can see what I have done.

Hope this is the solution you were looking for.