Change state of button when score is reached

Hi all,

I am trying my hand at my first storyline "game".  I have 18 questions and I want the learner to only be able to move to the next level if he/she gets at least 9 questions correct.   So, I have two buttons on the final layer of Level one. One says "replay level one" and is in the normal state. The second button says "Go to level 2" and it's initial state is disabled.  I want it to change to a normal state if the score for level one is 9 or greater

Here is how I have it set up:

Change the state of Button 1 to normal when Score1 changes if Score1 is greater than or equal to 9.00.

But it is not working. The button stays disabled. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?  Thanks in advance for your help.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Lori and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

(Love the avatar!)

Your logic sounds pretty spot-on. Are you able to share your project's .STORY file so we can take a closer look at how you have this set up? If the file isn't too large, you should be able to attach it to your response using the paperclip icon.

Also, it may help to share an answer key, so we can quickly finish Level 1 :)


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Lori,

Congrats on the new member of the family! Absolutely adorable :)

Also, thanks very much for sharing your .STORY file. It makes thing much easier when we can take a look at what's happening. 

I'll admit, I did play around with it for a bit before I realized what's happening. It's actually the trigger that you're using for the state change. A quick fix is to change the "When" from the variable option to "When the timeline starts". This is because the variable change is not happening when the content on this layer is loading - it's already been changed. So, you'll want the state to change when the layer opens and starts. 

This seems to be working for both the Level 2 and the Bonus Level buttons. I also created a little test layer, just to make sure the next layer will open from this button. You'll see that in your list, so be sure to modify that when you're done testing it out.

I'm attaching the modified version, just in case you want to try it on your end. 

I hope this helps! :)