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James Picton

Hi Paula

Try this:

When: change to 'Timeline Starts'

On: This will change to Object - set this to your slide

Show conditions:

Add conditions in here to reflect the info that you currently have displayed in your scroll box e.g.

Add Trigger Condition: Set this to SHAPES

If: Select your button visited state

Operator: == equal to

State: Visited

Repeat this for all of your button checks (simply click the green '+' simple and add a condition for each button).

Now when a user enters this slide (i.e. when 'timeline starts') Storyline will check to see if slide meets the criteria specified (i.e. all buttons on 'visited' state) - if they do, it should show the layer.




James Picton

Hi Paula

Totally agree with Rebecca, looking at your slide would be the easiest solution as both suggestions 'should' work.

To make things easier, I quickly recreated your inital slide with the settings that you provided and ...no surprise...it works perfectly - I've attached a copy so that you can compare it to yours.

The only thing that I can think of, is that perhaps that you have some strange settings attached at your slide level such as 'Reset to initial state' when revisiting (click the little cogwheel at the right side of your base layer in the 'Slide Layers' menu). That is of course, if your buttons take learners off to different slides etc...No idea without seeing your .story file!




Marko Stojkovski

Once, I had similar problem and without knowing the reason why the trigger didn't wanted to work. Exactly the same situation and I solve it like James Picton wrote.
I would only add few variations of his solution.

If the slide's length is short (3-4-5 seconds) which means that very likely the timeline will end until the user clicks all buttons, it's better to put the trigger James wrote, just change and put it when Timeline ends. The reason why its better is because if the slide is set to RESUME SAVED STATE and if the user comes back on the slide, the trigger when timeline starts will not work.

If the slide is too long and user will click all the buttons before the slide ends, I have a little bit more "exhausting" way to solve this with adding some shapes outside of the viewable area of the slide and add the James trigger, just in the field WHEN I put when timeline of the shape ends, and I create many shapes all of them ending in different time and have the same condition. At the end I just put them in a group so they are not bothering me and messing the timeline.This also means that you will have many many triggers on the slide, it will be chaotic but it will solve the problem.

In the attachment is the Paula_Rats file done in the way I am explaining.

Marko Stojkovski

I agree, but I must admit that one of the biggest disadvantages of Storyline (not only storyline but many other software) is that you cannot trigger action with timeline only, without any shapes slides layers etc.
Like the option when timeline starts or ends there should be option something like when timeline reaches 4 seconds, or to check for some condition every 2 seconds. That would be great.

Heather Thomas

Hello all -

I'd love some help.

I have a slide with 4 buttons. I would like the user to click all 4 buttons, in any order, to advance to the next slide. I have set up a Trigger that once all 4 buttons have been visited, this should make a new layer appear that has the next button for them to progress through the course.

My trigger is not working and the "Next button layer" will not appear when all buttons have been visited. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

I have attached my slide so you can see my work.



Christie Pollick

Hi, Heather -- As this thread is a bit older, if you were interested in contacting any of the participants directly (as they may no longer be subscribed), you are welcome to use the 'Contact Me' link on their profile pages. 

Otherwise, thanks for providing your file and I will take a look momentarily to let you know what I experience! :)

Heather Thomas

Thanks for your responses! 

Walt - thanks for your time. Unfortunately, I don't quite understand what you did with all those slides.

I'd like to keep all information in one slide with my own on-screen navigation buttons. Each button shows a layer. When each button has been visited, the trigger should make an additional layer appear with the next button. I know this is possible, I just can't figure out how to make it work. Any guesses on what I'm doing wrong with my trigger?

I'd love if someone could show me within my attached slide, if possible.



Heather Thomas

Michael - Sorry I didn't see your response right away! You submitted it while I was typing my last post. You guys are quick!

So in your example, the Next button is no longer in a layer. You have it on the base slide in a "hidden state." The trigger makes it change to a "normal" state when all buttons have been visited. Awesome - this absolutely solves my problem. THANKS!

Was my original problem because I was trying to make it appear within a layer? I don't quite know what I was doing wrong, but I do love your work-around.




Kyle Doiron

Here is an issue I am having. I set next button as hidden when timeline starts. I set the slide to revisit saved state. I then set trigger to change state of next button to normal when a series of items are visited. I can see the next appear when I'm taken to a new slide but when I go back to that slide the next button is missing again.