Change state of main menu in master slide??

Nov 04, 2015


I have created a drop down menu in the master slide. When presenting the menu choices I have no problem using different types of states. Se enclosed file.

However, I also wish to use a state (Active) in the main menu to show that the active choice/slide is connected to that menu. I can't figure out how to solve this. Is there someone that could give me some tips?

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Madeleine Canderudh

Thanks for the suggestion. I actually solved it after a good nights sleep. The problem was that the triggers didn't work when: Times line starts OR Variable changes. However, when created a que point 0,1 seconds in to the production the variable is read and I achieve what I wanted.  Se the enclosed  updated version.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Madeleine for the update and sharing the updated file - that may certainly help someone else who stumbles upon this thread. The "when variable changes" trigger is a tricky one, as it's looking for the variable to change at that moment - so if you've changed it just prior on another slide say slide A, the trigger will not execute on the next slide B.   If you need any other help, please let us know. 

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