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May 13, 2013


I'm trying to create an activity (Wheel of Fortune) where on the click of a buton - the corresponding letters will be revealed.  I essentially have my base layer with the words and shapes above to hide the letters.  At the bottom I have buttons (one for each letter of the alphabet).  What I would like to do is that when I click a letter, all of the shapes hiding those letters will hide.  I can get it to work on one letter but if there are multiple instances of a letter, only the first one is revealed.  I've tried to group the shapes but the name of the group does not appear in my "change state of" menu.

Any suggestions?



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Antony Snow

Hi El,

I'm not sure how Tom managed to accomplish this but I had created a demo version of what he was trying to achieve and I was about to post it here when I saw his update to say that he had already found the solution. 

In my example, which is attached, I used states and triggers. I created a 'normal' state of a box with a '?' for each letter the user has to guess and then created a 'correct' state of the same boxes that displays the correct letter. I then added a trigger to change the state of each '?' box to 'correct' when the user clicks on the corresponding letter from the bank of 26 at the bottom - to reveal duplicate letters (in my example 'E' and 'T') I just used the same trigger on both '?' boxes.

I hope this helps but please feel free to post back if you have any further questions


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